RED is a multi-award winning yacht design studio founded in Istanbul in 2017 by architect Cana Gökhan and naval architect Fatih Sürekli. It is currently based in London and Istanbul. Its founders come from different backgrounds thus have managed to bring together multidisciplinary personalities. The RED team of 10 people, each specialized in their own field, has undertaken projects in varying lengths and works with the prominent shipyards of the sector. The company raises the bar of success in each new project with the strength coming from the ethical values it has adopted, its pursuit of excellence, its multidisciplinary team and the unique experiences it hopes to both live and keep alive.

Cana Gökhan & Fatih Sürekli

Cana Gökhan graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Architecture, in 2003. After working as an interior design chief in the industry’s leading companies for 14 years, she founded Red Yacht Design together with Fatih Sürekli. During her time in the industry, many different projects that she undertook won awards in various branches at the world-famous Cannes Yachting Festival. She works as the head of design (managing partner) at Red Yacht Design.

Fatih Sürekli graduated from Yıldız Technical University, Department of Naval Architecture, in 2006. In 2010, he completed his master’s degree also in Yıldız Technical University, Department of Naval Architecture. He worked as a naval architect in the leading companies of the yacht industry for 11 years, until the establishment of Red Yacht Design. He works as the head of naval architecture (managing partner) at Red Yacht Design.

Together with the dynamic team, they have established, the two continue their work on yacht design, architectural projects, and product design. At the same time, they voluntarily write for various industry magazines to contribute to marine culture.

Unique Experience

RED chooses to grow by sharing its moral and material gains with its team, clients and business partners. And aims to use these gains as a tool to create a positive impact and transformation around it in the long term. RED endeavours to raise the design bar, which harmoniously blends the principles of originality, aesthetics and functionality in each new project. RED’s endeavour returns as a unique experience for the yacht customer seeking the best.


RED gives courage and responsibility to its multidisciplinary team by providing an open working environment. It changes and grows with a joint structure that the team contributes and develops by supporting their professional and personal development. It recognizes the unique value of everyone in the team and honours differences. The multidisciplinary team enables RED to take a holistic approach to yacht design. This integrity creates projects that are managed reliably on time and with experience while realizing our client’ dreams.