Victoria Limo Tender

Limo tender "Victoria" is Yuka Yacht's first limo-tender project. She is produced entirely in carbon.

Design Story

Limo tender Victoria is Yuka Yacht's first limo-tender project. The project met water over a period of 6 months. Its design was completed in 3 months. It was specially designed for the 71m Victoria superyacht, whose production started in Russia and later completed in AES shipyard in Tuzla. In line with the special requests of the yacht owner, the design of the main yacht was reflected and the boat owner was highly appreciated. The design and naval architecture of the limo tender was made by Red Yacht Design, the long-term design partner of Yuka Yacht. Dimensions were determined exclusively according to the garage and lift dimensions allocated to us in the Victoria superyacht. The most striking feature of the limo tender is that it can be considered for its performance and stability in accordance with bad weather conditions. During the cruise from the beach to the superyacht, it was tried to keep the comfort of the guests at the highest level. There is one Mercury 270HP host in the limo tender. With this machine, 35+ knots can reach the maximum speed. Cruise speed is 25 knots, we can say that it is quite good values ​​for a single machine. Of course, the boat was made very light to provide these speeds. She is produced entirely in carbon. At the same time, the Panda Fischer generator, which is not much on such a boat, was placed at the request of the boat owner.

Limo Tender Victoria 01


Length Overall
8.3 m.
0.47 m.
Hull Type
Planning Hull
Carbon Fiber
1 X 270 HP
Max Speed
38 knot
3.2 t.
Fuel Tank Capacity
350 L.


20-22 Wenlock Road London, N1 7GU


Bağdat Cad. No:168 D:14 Huzur Palas Kadıköy / İstanbul